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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how a virtual author's assistant can help you with the administrative side of being an author.

What is a virtual author’s assistant?

A virtual author’s assistant (VAA) is a small business owner who offers a variety of services to authors. These services are provided remotely and communication is done via email, phone, fax, mail, or instant messaging. Work is delivered either electronically, or via US mail or overnight delivery.

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What type of work can an author’s assistant do for me?

An author’s assistant can help you with preparing your manuscript for publication, publishing your book, and marketing your book. Please take a look at our Services page for more detailed information.

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Why should I use an author’s assistant?

Some author’s don’t see the value in hiring someone to handle all the details of the publishing process; others would rather hand off the administrative tasks to an assistant so they can focus more on writing or marketing their book. A VAA has special training and expertise in what authors need to have done, and has access to resources that an author may not have access to. The decision to use an author's assistant is entirely up to you, however, working with a VAA is a collaborative effort that will save the author time and money.

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What type of authors do you work with?

We primarily work with non-fiction authors - for example, business coaches, life coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers, hobby enthusiasts, and history buffs, to name a few.

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How do I choose an author’s assistant?

The first step is to decide what type of work you’ll need help with. It could be tasks such as helping with obtaining permissions, coordinating testimonial requests, or maximizing the book’s Amazon page. Take a look at this video or navigate to our services page to see what areas a PVAA can help you with. Then, estimate how many hours you’ll need the VAA’s help. (We can provide you with estimates of how long the different tasks will take.) Search online to find VAAs who specialize in those services and contact them to schedule a phone interview.

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How does the “virtual” process work?

The important thing is good communication between the author and VAA. We’ll start by discussing where you are with your book to determine what services you may need. We’ll talk about how you prefer to communicate - email, phone, instant messaging, etc. You will be given periodic updates to keep you informed about the status of the work we are doing for you.

From your end, we ask that you provide timely communication of any changes, such as changed deadlines. Once the work is completed, we would send it to you in whatever way you choose, electronic format or hard copy.

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Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, we ask that our clients sign a contract. It provides protection for both parties. A copy of our standard contract is available upon request.

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